About this site

This website is a chronicle of works produced by Laura Ford since her early student days in 1980 to the present time. It shows a consistency of concern and curiosity alongside an ever broadening range of painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, carving, modelling, casting, fabricating and sewing, as well as set design, landscape architecture and large scale public realm sculpture projects.

The site shows almost all the work where documentation was available. The timeline is a vertical scroll, covering more than 30 years, composed of 3 images per year that seem to represent the atmosphere of each year's output.

The 'Current' page provides an ongoing illustrated blog of works at various stages of production in the studio, at foundries or at an exhibition and aims to give a sense of the atmosphere in which the works are created. The intention is that at the end of each year the blog is translated into the next line of the works timeline. The 'Information' contains a short biography with a downloadable CV, and a card archive which aims to capture some of the atmosphere of her many years of exhibiting and a publications page with a selection of downloadable texts.

Some years show an abundance of work, and some a scarcity due to young children teaching obligations etc

The Website was designed by Andrew Sabin alongside Laura Ford, Kate Tiernan and Rich White. It was constructed by Rich White.

All images are the property of Laura Ford.

Photographs, among others, are by the following:-
Angus Bremner
Noel Brown
Stephen Feeke
Laura Ford
Hugo Glendinning
Pippy Houldsworth
Peter Lennby
Graham Matthews
Yu Qaio
Christian Rogge
Andrew Sabin
Christian Scheffel
Simon Steven
Kate Tiernan
Rich White
Stephen White